COVID-19 Resource Center

For information and updates on OSHA’s ETS regarding COVID-19 Vaccinations and Testing, please visit our Workers’ Comp & OSHA tab below.

With COVID-19 consuming our lives both personally and professionally, Heffernan’s Consulting Division’s number one goal has been to make this period of time as easy to navigate as possible when it comes to workers’ compensation, return to work and experience rating.  Right now, there is a TON of information and legislation coming at us from all directions!  To make things more manageable for our clients, we have done our best to consolidate our many resources here for easy access and use.  In addition, we have created an exceptional stable of partner service providers, with pre-negotiated rates that, along with our Executive consultants, are at-the-ready to help! 

Heffernan Insurance Brokers is sharing this guidance for informational purposes only.  It does not address all factors relevant to COVID-19 prevention and mitigation issues or to legal, medical, insurance or business requirements for business operations during the pandemic.  Such matters differ by locality and are subject to frequent modification as circumstances change. Please seek advice from a relevant professional in regard to your specific business concerns.

Track COVID-19 Regulatory and Legislative Activity throughout the United States on NCCI's COVID-19 Activity Page.