Telephonic Triage - Telemedicine - Onsite Services

Since 2008, Medcor has been a trusted Partner of Heffernan's Consulting Division. In 2017, they kept 36% of our HIB client's claims from becoming reportable. In 2018, it increased to 38.3%. With their service offerings expanding into Telemedicine and Onsite Services, our ability to help our clients with their frequency issues continues to increase. HIB is currently the only broker with a special pricing and services contract with Medcor that allows us to offer our clients a very cost effective and proactive risk management tool. It also allows us to provide them with an investigative tool, as all Medcor calls are recorded, should a claim go awry.

Request Services

Should you wish to engage Medcor services or have any additional questions, please email

To request services, you will need to provide the clients name, client EPIC Code, client contact information, mode of payment as well as what service you would like to implement for them (Telephonic Medical Triage, Telemedicine or Onsite).

Should you or your client need additional information or would like to discuss how Medcor would work for them please contact our Consulting team at to get something set up.